Our Fish

The Azores are considered one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Portugal, and the world in general. This unique archipelago presents a diverse array of exclusive products and services, as well as a multitude of stunning natural landscapes that are capable of enchanting anyone who is bold enough to choose our islands as their tourist destination.

The Azores are known for many traditional regional dishes and culinary delicacies, but there is one thing that undoubtedly stands out: our fish. Aside from being quality-certified, the fish of the Azores are truly in a category of their own thanks to a unique environment that distinguishes them from the rest.



There are several contributing factors to the diversity of fish families that exist in the Azores. The characteristics of the ecosystem of the region, the biological constitution of each species, and the structure and governmental policies surrounding fishing activity are the driving force behind the development and preservation of the species in the Azorean Sea.

Certified Fish


The Azores Brand Certificate aims to bring Azorean products and services to the four corners of the world. The Azores brand, besides guaranteeing the quality of the certified fish of the region, intends to distinguish them from the others, through the dissemination of a set of characteristics that designate the Azores as an authentic ex libris for nature lovers and, of course, exclusivity.


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