Espada Pescas

Espada Pescas Açores is a fishing, processing and trading company whose main objective is to expand the market and guarantee a sustainable income for fishermen. Through a series of commercial partnerships with the various Associations of Fishermen of the Azores Islands, Espada Pescas Açores is able to function as a logistics center with accredited buyers for shipment of fresh and frozen products.

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Ordering: Phone or Email

Deliverables: does not provide this service. The lifting of the order must be made by the customer at the premises of the seller

Payment methods: cash or Atm


Phone: 296 287 213

Phone: 96 228 77 85/96 228 78 77/96 228 77 89

Fax: 296 682 051

Types of fencing-Street via R No. 28

9500-Ponta Delgada 652