The Fish of the Azores platform provides a wealth of information about the largest suppliers of fishing activity in the archipelago of the Azores. In addition to presenting a diverse range of species that can easily be purchased in Mar dos Açores, publishes a set of facts about each species, showing a real Id. of all the fish we can find in the Azorean waters.

The Lotaçor, with the mission to conduct all transactions of sale of fish and, consequently, their respective control, creates the conditions necessary for the production, distribution and marketing of fish of the autonomous region of the Azores, becoming in this way a real connecting link between suppliers and buyers azoreans.

The tables below contain the species that can be acquired, the kilogram that can achieve, the amount of fish available for sale and the price (€) per kilogram (Kg).

Antonio Martinez

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Sword Fishing

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Lourdes Narciso

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Any and all information about the marketing of fish is the responsibility of the suppliers/vendors, and the Fish of the Azores platform is just a means of dissemination of information.